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Royal swim 海龍游泳 (Update:9/16/2021):      下頁是中文版

Important update / 敬請注意

We’re sorry to inform you that the swim class at Seward Park School this week has been cancelled due to maintenance delays. We will confirm the start date again as soon as we got a update from them.

Pls reply to us “ok” to confirm you received this message.


由於學校的維護延誤, 本週格蘭街蘇域柏學校游泳課需要取消,  我們等待學校通知, 然後我們會再次短信給大家確認開課日期


Dear Students and Parents:

The swimming class at Seward Park will be cancelled this week (Sept 17 to Sept 28) due to changes in school hours and arrangement, we will postpone the date of reopening the course for one to two weeks. When we receive the notification from the school, we will send a text message to all students of the new course date as soon as possible, thank you


Please reply with your choice as soon as possible via text message 646-661-1038. We will contact parents and students via text message after receiving your decision.




這星期蘇域柏地點游泳班將會取消,由於學校時間有所改動,我們將決定重開課程日子推遲一至兩個星期,當我們收到學校通知後,會盡快短訊給各位學生新的上課日期, 謝謝

請盡快以短訊 646-661-1038 回覆你的決定,工作人員在收到你的決定之後會再以短訊聯絡各家長及學生


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