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Royal swim 海龍游泳 (Update:8/30/2021):      下頁是中文版

Good news! Swim lessons will begin on September 10th.


First, we will finish our previous session this September with two classes which are remaining from the March 2020 session.   Then after that, The all-new session will officially start on September 25th.  


Since most students have not been practicing for the last 1 ½ year, we feel that the students need to revisit their swimming techniques and postures and may need to repeat their prior level.


Please choose one of the 3 options below.


Option 1: You can complete the remaining two lessons of the previous semester in September, and the teachers will test the students' swimming skills in these two lessons to determine the student's swimming class level in the new semester.  


Option 2: Parents/students can choose to credit the last two classes toward the new session beginning on September 25. By choosing this option, the student will automatically be placed into his/her prior level.  (The total payment for the 10 classes, with the 2-class credit applied, is $360.  Full payment must be received prior to September 25th).


Option 3: Not able continue the swim program.


Please reply with your choice as soon as possible via text message 646-661-1038. We will contact parents and students via text message after receiving your decision.




好消息!  9月10號我們將會重開游泳課程, 以下是詳情及安排:

首先, 我們需要完成去年三月份的最後兩堂課, 我們將於這個九月完成課程, 而在9月25號正式開始秋季新課程, 大家敬請留意

由於長時期沒有練習, 相信有部份學生已經忘記之前已學到一半的游泳技術及姿勢, 亦相信很大機會需要重讀相同的級別, 現在有以下三個選擇提供給各位家長:


選擇一:  可以在九月份完成之前學期剩下的兩堂課, 老師們將會在這兩堂課測試學生的游泳技巧而決定學生在新學期的游泳課程等級   


選擇二: 由於已停了一年半多, 學生重讀同級的機會甚大, 家長或學生可自由決定將之前最後的兩堂課放入在9月25號的新班, 如接受這個決定,學生在新學期只會編排重讀之前去年的同級別.  (總共10堂課,兩堂去年的課堂及另外八堂$360費用生必須開學前繳交)


選擇三: 無法繼續游泳課程


請盡快以短訊 646-661-1038 回覆你的決定,工作人員在收到你的決定之後會再以短訊聯絡各家長及學生


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