Dear Swim Team members and parents,              下面是中文版

Great news!  We will be starting the swim team practice on September 10th (Friday), September 11th (Saturday) and 12th (Sunday).  Also, we have the new schedule offers students can swim up to six days a week for additional training, from Tuesday to Sunday.   The increased training will assist in quickly accelerating the student’s swimming skills and speed so that they can reach and exceed their prior performance levels, to be properly prepared to participate in the upcoming swim meets.


Please be prepared to train harder in this new year. We have added technical classes with video demonstrations of new techniques and dry land training exercises, to help challenge students to achieve better results in the upcoming competitions.

Beginning this semester for every swim meet, it is a mandatory requirement to wear the same team swimwear and swimming caps.   Please provide your swimwear size reply by text message.


Please choose the following answer (#) and we will able set up schedule to swimmer.


1/ Will continue swim practice and 2021-2022 USA Swimming, going out swim meet with us.

    (Swim with Gold, Silver or Bronze team schedule)

    **(please also provide swimwear size)

    **(how many day you want practice per week?)

2/ Will keep swimming at team as practice and get healthy, but will not ready join USA   

     Swimming yet for swim meet.     (Swim with bronze team schedule)


3/ Not able continue the swim program.

**We will wait to receive your Answer from Test Message, then we will send you the update schedule. Thanks

新信息以重新開放, 這僅適用於游泳隊:



感謝您的耐心等待, 我們將會(勞動節週末後) 在9月10號, 11號及12號開始泳隊練習, 亦增加提供星期二到星期五的加強游泳訓練(六天訓練),希望可以盡快令到大家游泳技術及速度跟之前一樣或比之前更好, 亦都希望在10月及11月可以開始為咗出外比賽作好準備.


各位 USA Swimming 嘅成員, 請有心理準備, 在這新一年教練會有更加艱辛嘅訓練, 我們亦會增設技術研究及其他陸地訓練, 希望各位泳隊學員會在比賽中得到更好成績之外更加打破自我的挑戰,謝謝


新學期各位運動員選手在比賽時, 我們必須要擁有隊際泳衣, 泳褲及游泳帽,所以請在以下提供你們的泳裝尺寸號碼




1/ 將繼續游泳練習和加入 2021-2022 美國游泳協會,外出及參與游泳比賽。




 2/ 將繼續在團隊中游泳並保持健康,但不會準備加入美國游泳協會,不會參與游泳比賽


 3/ 無法繼續游泳練習計劃.