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What should I bring to my swim lesson? 

Please bring a swimsuits, caps, goggles, and towel.  Recommended are a combination lock for your locker. 

Is the pool heated?

The pool is heated to a constant comfortable 82 - 84 degrees fahrernheit.

When can I sign up?
Any time. Since we are a year-round indoor swim program, we can take new students at any time throughout the year and any time during the month.

What if I join in the middle of a session?
You will pay the amount for the session in which you are starting and you will have make up classes for those date that you miss or you can wait for the new session start.

Why is there a minimum of 10 lessons?
We have an ten lesson minimum because we do not feel that it is fair to your child or to a teacher to “try” swim lessons. Ten lessons is a total of 5 hours for Children Age 4 to 6 and 10 hours for Age 7 and up.  We believe this is the absolute minimum amount of time needed for a child to adjust to the class structure and begin the learning process.

Schedule of our classes?
Many people ask to receive a class schedule. We change classes constantly to accommodate our students as they progress to new levels and as we register new students. Call us or check on our website "schedule" for availability.  Give us the days and times that work for you and our staff will work to find a day and time that will meet
your needs.

Just once a week?
We believe consistent education produces outstanding results. Once a week lessons provide the foundation for learning that lasts a lifetime.  If your child would like to swim more than once a week, please select an additional day and time.  You will receive a 50% discount on the second set of lessons.

What if my class has only one or two students?
If a group class has only one or two students, as always, we reserve the right to consolidate that class.

When will my child be “water safe” or “drown-proofed”?
We believe that there is no such thing as being “water safe” or “drown-proofed”. We teach students and parents how to love and respect the water and that they can never swim alone. Parents must always watch a child around water.

When can I make up a class?
As a general rule we do not encourage "make-ups". Our belief is that children are most successful in a consistent learning environment (consistent attendance, teacher, and peers). However, we understand that children get sick, families need time together and life happens!  As a courtesy, each student may have 1 make-up per session.  These no longer accumulate and will expire at the end of each session.  To qualify for a make-up, you must cancel before the start of the lesson. (If you call and are unable to get through to a staff member, please leave a message that you will not be able to attend.  We will mark you absent.)  Once you have scheduled a make-up "that is it!  We cannot make up a make-up. Just saying that is almost impossible so you can imagine how hard it is to try to implement it.
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