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"Ok, I've been diligently looking for swim school for the longest time, even tried a numerous classes and instructors over the years to no avail. I'm an adult that never got over his fear of water, but most instructors just want to throw you in the water and teach you arm strokes and technique, thinking that that will cure the fear of water.  When I called Royal Swimming School, I spoke with Johnson who immediately understood the needs of non-swimmers.  He took his time to describe to me the way the school worked, and what the instructors were like, and I was sold.  I have now been taking Group lessons for about 3 weeks and went from being completely afraid of immersing my head underwater, to now treading in the deep end of the pool - something I only thought other people could do.  The instructor is compassionate, patient, and very sharp. I've experienced many different instructors over the years, but this one seems to be able to pinpoint EXACTLY what i need to do to correct my technique in the water, every single time. And he never rushes to move forward until she knows that I am comfortable with the last lesson.  He addressed my fear of water in such a compassionate and understanding way that I think this lifelong fear is actually disappearing.  I would totally recommended this school to anyone. They really cater to each individual's needs."
-Michael O.
"Our 7 year old son has been attending these swim classes for the past two months. We were surprised by his willingness to have fun in a new environment and his increasing comfort level in the pool.  I really have to thank the teachers for supporting our child in an attentive way and other more fearful children as well.  The teachers are knowledgeable, consistent, and kind which helps to create a joyful environment.  The staff is very helpful with that process." 
-Leon A.
"I have been taking my two girls to group lessons with Royal Swimming for the past 4 weeks. In that short span of time, my 6 year-old is now comfortably swimming on his own in shallow water and can pull himself out of the pool unassisted - and my 4 year-old is happy going under water and swimming to the wall when guided. The improvements in their swimming and comfort in the water is attributed to the instructor who is personable and flexible with the kids, the fun-factor of swimming with other families, and the techniques used by the swim school that foster learning for young children. Thank you Royal Athletic!"
-Michelle., Manhattan


"Learning how to swim had always been an important goal of mine, but getting over my absolute fear of drowning had made it quite difficult to achieve. Before meeting Jonathan I had spent an inordinate amount of money in swim lessons, both private and group, that failed to teach me even the basics. My paralyzing fear would not allow my brain to function whenever I entered a pool, beach or river.  Upon entering the water I would quickly panic and had to be rescued several times.  This has all changed since meeting Jonathan in January 2013.  In three short months, he has taught me to tread water in the deep end of the pool, swim to the bottom of the pool to retrieve objects and feel in complete control in the water.  I can now swim multiple laps with complete ease. Jonathan has turned my once overwhelming fear into a healthy respect for the water.  I now look forward to my daily lessons. Thanks Jonathan, for finally making my goal attainable."
-Vincent McFar, Founder & CEO of BGHA Educational Group


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