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Program Policies and Student Rules:

  1. If student failed to mention any health condition before signing up the program and hence causing any injury/accident, the school is not going take any responsibility.

  2. Any sport activity that one engages in has risks, hazards and physical stresses associated with it.  Student and parent agreed to take full responsibility of the risks.

  3. Students are required to arrive on time for class.

  4. Students must bring swimming suit, goggles, swimming cap, and towel.  Students are required to wear the proper swim outfit to attend the swimming class.

  5. Students are required to follow all rules of indoor gyms and swimming pools, and must respect our instructors and staff.  Instructors and staff reserve the right to disqualify students who have violated any of our rules.  Students and parents are responsible for following the class schedule, student rules and program policies.

  6. Students are not permitted to switch class schedules unless there is permission from our staff or coach.

  7. Videotaping or photo shooting for the indoor gyms and swimming pools is strictly prohibited.

  8. Students and parents are responsible for personal items.  Royal Athletic, inc is not liable for any personal loss.

  9. Full attendance is required for all students.  If, for whatever reason, a student cannot attend a class, please inform us of the absence in advance by phone or in person.  Only ONE make-up class will be granted and two make-up classes for female menstruation.  There will be NO make-up class arrangement after the lesson eight class.

  10. Make-up class schedule are to be arranged by our staff.  Notification is required for any change of arranged make-up schedule.  Make-up or absence cannot be exchanged for a refund.

  11. Switching of schedule and location of the class (es) is not allowed unless there is permission from our staff.  Student also cannot come for a make-up class without permission.

  12. Tuition balance must be paid in full by the first class.

  13. $100 (Non-refundable) deposit upon registration.  The deposit is counted toward the tuition balance.

  14. If for any reason a student decides to withdraw from any of our programs, there is no refund after the session start. Deposit will be refunded only when Royal Athletic cannot schedule student to the first choice class or second choice class.

  15. Call:  1-888-831-0688 for emergency closings, (i.e. snow storm)

  16. We reserve the right to alter any terms.  In case of dispute, our company’s decision will be final.

Cancellation Policy:

-         If classes are cancelled by the member after registering, there will be a $100 cancellation fee charged.

-         After session / classes have started there is no refund.


All payments must be made in advance and there are absolutely no refunds, transfer or credits.

If for medical reasons your child cannot attend classes anymore, there will be no refund; but on provision of a doctor's note, you are entitled to make up the class within the registered session. If your child or any student does not want to continue classes, there will be no refund. ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL.

Safety is essential during swimming lessons, and to this end Royal Athletic Swimming School has its own Safety Policy. All our classes are held in a swimming pool where the temperature and water clarity are checked regularly in order to ensure that they conform to standards. The following rules and regulations must be followed while at the Royal Athletic Swimming School:

  • Swimmers must take shower before they enter the swimming pool.

  • It is mandatory for all swimmers to wear bathing caps for reasons of hygiene and safety.

  • No food and drink is allowed in any of the pool facilities. Siblings, parents and guardians are expected to observe the no smoking policy.

  • No outdoor shoes are to be worn at poolside. In case someone wishes to speak to the swimming teacher, he or she should either remove shoes and socks or put on shoe covers provided.

  • No pets are allowed in the pool facilities.

  • Hard balls and sharp edges on swimming accessories are strictly forbidden.

  • The swimming teacher has sole control of the children attending the lesson. All other children are to be supervised by accompanying adults.

  • No one may enter the swimming pool complex unless accompanied by a swimming teacher. This rule must be strictly adhered to.

  • Each person must use the footbath before entering the swimming pool. Anyone with an open wound is not allowed in the pool.

  • All diving and jumping activities are permitted only under supervision. Running poolside is forbidden.


All these rules and regulations help to ensure your children’s safety at the Royal Athletic Swimming School.

Parents and Student must read and agree the “program terms and policies”.  Also please be aware that all sport activities involve a risk of injury & agree to accept any & all personal risks.

For additional information, please call our office at: 1-888-831-0688    (11am to 6pm, everyday)

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