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Royal Athletic Swimming offers a variety of class levels from Beginner to Swim Team.  Our program is designed for swimmers to move smoothly from one level to the next as they progress in their swimming capabilites.  If you have any question about the level in which your or your child belongs, please do not hesitate to Contact us by Email or Call 1-888-831-0688.

Royal Athletic Swimming Program

Beginner Level (Pre-School Level, Level I, level II)


At the Royal Athletic Swimming School, the first level of instruction is Beginner.  This level focuses on feeling comfortable in water, games, and relaxing in a warm water environment.  All beginners are instructed and encouraged to challenge their own skills and level of comfort in the water.  Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you can have fun in the water and use it to learn to swim faster.  The instructors are in water with their students and demonstrate everything.  Beginners learn by example, learning the basics of swimming and water safety through guided discovery.  At our swim school we see our objective as water safety.  We aim for our students to float and swim without the aid of flotation devices.  We do our best to build confidence in our students and to help them develop their motor skills.  Our swim classes for beginners include: Water Safety (introduction to water environment, a solid foundation for aquatic and safety skills, swimmers feeling comfortable in the water and eager to learn how to swim), Breathing Techniques (breath in and out of the water), Treading and Floating (float on back and front without any floats), Pushing off wall, gliding, flutter kick on front and back, complete freestyle and introduction to backstroke.

Intermediate Level  (Level III and Level IV)


In our school of swimming, the classes for Intermediate swimmers include developing skills in one or all swim styles listed below: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke.  All our advanced swimmers are given the opportunity to improve and master their swimming strokes in our pre-squads and squad program.  Those who are keen on competitive swimming and train at the Royal Athletic Swimming School are always welcome to compete in a variety of competitions.  


Intermediate level swimmers at our swim school work on various elements of competitive swimming. Students at the Advanced level can swim unsupported.  They learn arm strokes, leg kicks and breathing coordination. Further they learn rotation, floating, treading water, changing direction and submerging.  Students of our school of swimming learn the fundamentals of backstroke and freestyle with rotary breathing and are aware of the rudiments of breast stroke and butterfly.  Sitting and standing dives are also taught.  Students who have passed the intermediate level are able to swim in deep water.  we always try both to increase swimming skill competency and to show our students how to practice safety and rescue skills.


Advanced-1 (Level V and Level VI)


Together with further developing of the main swimming strokes, they learn kicks and arms coordination in both butterfly and breaststroke. this level acts as an introduction to the early stages of competitive swimming training.  At this level provides students with information concerning swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle and students participate in some more advanced activities in other disciplines.  Both basic aerobic swimming endurance development and swimming speed development are integrated within the Advanced-Skill program at our swim center.  This level works on stamina and strength.  Swimmers learn to swim confidently in deep water, are able to perform sculling, go on with improving stroke technique, further refine breathing and front crawl and backstroke arm movements.

Advanced - Skill (Level VII)


Advanced Skills train at this level: Refining freestyle, backstroke (including elementary backstroke), Further improvement butterfly and breaststroke.  Turns of all four differ kinds of stroke.  Learning the approach and start from the blocks.  Diving Safety. 


This level will prepare for the competition for the swim team, they make their first attempts to develop starts and turns. Developing competency and confidence in strokes and safety skills from previous levels.  Introduction to Backstroke Flip, Turns Butterfly and butterfly swimmers acquire skills.  Also improved backstroke and freestyle Deep water sculling and bobbing.  Some try to introduce surface dives from the block and competition various turns.  Learning underwater swim with butterfly kick and breathing coordination for breaststroke and butterfly.

Team (Pre-Team, Junior Team and Royal Team)


At Royal Athletic Swimming School, instructors work with students to meet their individual goals.  The advantages of taking team lessons include learning from other students and supporting each other. And no doubt, being a member of a swimming team is more exciting than swimming on your own!  All students attending our school of swimming receive individualized attention and learn how to practice their skills on their own. Swimming team lessons are perfect for students who wish to take part in competitions.  At this level students are able to demonstrate four strokes. We focus on refining technique and developing efficiency through water. This is the level where hydrodynamics is strongly emphasized. All starts and turns are improved. The swimmer can move on to endurance training.  During the course students continue to build up their distance swimming skills, develop maximum efficiency and endurance for strokes.

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